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Isostatic TU® Thrust Washer Bearings
  • Standard stock products
  • Self-lubricating dry sliding bearing
  • A steel-backed composite material comprised of:
    • Low carbon steel backing for extremely high load capacity-.50 – 2.7mm thick
    • Sintered bronze offers optimal heat dispersion –.20 - .35 mm thickness and
    • PTFE – lead sliding surface creates a low friction coefficient and allows for a wide temperature range – thickness .2 mm
  • Can be used where many liquid lubricants fail; also performs well with lubrication
  • Ideal for heavy loads at moderate speeds or light loads at high speeds – max Pv 102,000, P-Load 36,250, V-SFM-1,900
  • Effective in temperature range of -328° F to +536° F
  • Standard tolerances vary by size. See items for specific tolerances
  • See TP® product line for a lead free, REACH and ROHS compliant alternative
  • DFARS compliant
Unit of Measure


Detailed Description

N/A .625 IN I.D. x 1.125 IN O.D. x 0.061 IN Thickness, TU, Steel Back, PTFE & Pb Lined Composite, Thrust Washer Bearing


Catalog Number


Interchange #

N/A DU08 G08DU

Unit of Measure

N/A Each


N/A Steel-Backed PTFE Lined

Material Standard

N/A Steel-Backed PTFE Lined

Avg Unit Weight

N/A 0.0111 lb

UPC Code

N/A 00846802058272


Nominal Inner Diameter

N/A 5/8 in

Nominal Outer Diameter

N/A 1 1/8 in

Nominal Thrust Washer Thickness

N/A 1/16 in

Nominal Dowel Hole Diameter

N/A 1/10 in

Nominal Dowel Hole Pitch Circle Diameter

N/A 7/8 in

Nominal Housing Recess Depth

N/A 1/16 in


Inner Diameter Tolerance

N/A +.010 in

Outside Diameter Tolerance

N/A -.010 in

Thrust Washer Thickness Tolerance

N/A +.0020 in

Dowel Hole Diameter Tolerance

N/A +.010 in

Dowel Hole Pitch Circle Diameter Tolerance

N/A -.010 in

Housing Recess Depth Tolerance

N/A +.010 in

Performance Data

Load - P Max Value

N/A 36,250 lb/in²

Speed - V Max Value

N/A 1,900 ft²/min

Load at Speed - PV Max Value (P.S.I. / S.F.M.)

N/A 102,000
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