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Isostatic Oilube® Rectangular Plates
  • Standard stock products
  • SAE 841-copper (87-90%), tin (8-9%), carbon, other elements
  • Powdered metal bronze providing interconnected reservoirs for oil
  • Vacuum impregnated with oil during the manufacturing process (approx. 19% by vol.)
  • Self-lubricating – when in motion oil rises to the surface for lubrication and restores itself when at rest
  • Ideal for heavy loads at moderate speeds or light loads at high speeds – max Pv 50,000, P-Load 2,000, V-SFM-1,200
  • Effective in temperature range of +10°F to + 175°F with standard oil
  • Available in oils for other temperature ranges on a made-to-order basis
  • Products made with excess material to finish to stated nominal dimensions
  • RoHS, REACH, DFARS compliant
Unit of Measure


Detailed Description

N/A 1/4 IN Thk. x 6 IN Wide x 12 IN Length, SAE 841 Powdered Metal Bronze, Flat Plate Stock


Catalog Number

N/A PP-12000

Interchange #

N/A PP 12000 PP12000

Unit of Measure

N/A Each


N/A Powdered Metal / Oil Impregnated Bronze

Material Standard

N/A SAE 841

Avg Unit Weight

N/A 4.5153 lb

UPC Code

N/A 00846802012267


Nominal Length

N/A 12 in

Nominal Width

N/A 6 in

Nominal Plate Thickness

N/A 1/4 in


Overall Length Tolerance

N/A Oversize - to finish to

Width Tolerance

N/A Oversize - to finish to

Plate Thickness Tolerance

N/A ±.010 in

Performance Data

Load - P Max Value

N/A 2,000 lb/in²

Speed - V Max Value

N/A 1,200 ft²/min

Load at Speed - PV Max Value (P.S.I. / S.F.M.)

N/A 50,000
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